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10 Best Long Beard Styles.

When your beard reaches six inches, you’ve officially entered long beard zone. The growth of these long beard styles can take a year or more. Hair grows around a half-inch each month on average, so it’ll take a full 365 days of growth before you’ve got enough hair hanging over your face to pull off these long beard styles.

Things To Consider Before Styling A Long Beard.

Keep in mind that a long beard might not be the healthiest option for you. Breakage and split ends become increasingly difficult to avoid as hair grows longer.

Long beard styles tend to be wispy, so yours might not appear as thick and full as it does at four inches. However, you’ll never know until you do, and we believe that everyone should try going long at least once in their life.

Long beards can be very difficult to maintain and take care of so Learn how to maintain your beard.

10 Best Long Beard Styles for men.

Power Beard.

Power Beard

Power beards, as the name suggests, are serious about their work. It’s a wicked beard style that perfectly balances rustic and modern. Natural beards, often known as power beards, are four to six inches long. At this length, your beard’s personality emerges. Some will be straight, while others will be wavy and curly. It’s critical to master sophisticated beard style techniques.

Long Ginger Beard.

Long Ginger Beard

If you want to grow a long ginger beard, you must refrain from trimming it for at least four weeks before you can shape it.

If the look you want to achieve is significantly longer, you will most likely have to wait even longer before using the trimming machine.

Biker Beard.

Biker style neard

A biker beard is a fresh way to change up your style and has been gaining a lot of popularity.

Although the length of hair on one’s chin will affect how their facial hair grows, shaping it can be as easy or difficult as you want depending on what type of shape you’re going after!

Bold Shaped Beard.

Bold Shaped Beard

This beard will begin growing from high up the sideburns and will grow a long way. The mustache has been cut shorter and the beard itself has actually been formed with a squared-off cut. This is a refined, great style for a lengthy beard.

The Garibaldi Beard.

The Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard style is a full beard with a wide rounded bottom part and the maximum length being seven to eight inches. The sides are left short, while the mustache connects smoothly into it. To keep hair in place, you can use some oil or wax that penetrates deeply during application so there’s no need for constant touchups on your way out of work!

Bandholz Beard.

Black and white picture of a male model

The Bandholz Beard is a combination of facial hair and the mustache. The Garibaldi style has a maximum length of around 20 cm, whereas the Bandholz style does not.

As a result, many people can grow this beard without looking identical to one another in terms of how long their beards is. It may differ dramatically from person-to-person as well as manly fashion trends changing with time.

The inspiration for this look is a woodsman with a sophisticated flair.

Hipster Beard.

Young Guy with Hipster  Beard

The facial hair in this hipster-style beard has grown out from the sideburns with a mustache on top.

The long, thick whiskers have been cut into an oval shape and combed to form a glorious mane that reaches all the way down to the chin.

Viking Beard.

The most famous Viking

A Viking beard is the way to go for men who want a masculine, no-nonsense way to style long and thick facial hair. Remember to trim and shampoo your beard on a regular basis. If you want to look like a warrior rather than a wildebeest.

Bushy Beard.

Bushy Beard

Big bushy beards are difficult to keep neat since they tend to become tangled up and seem messy. Your bushy beard, on the other hand, can make you look seductive and mesmerizing with correct care and maintenance!

Full Beard.

Picture of a guy with beanie

Growing a full beard is an impressive task. It takes not only time and effort but also commitment to make it look good! But the end result will be well worth your efforts. A manly style that requires little sculpting makes this truly one of nature’s most majestic styles.

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