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How To Style A Blue Suit : The Ultimate Guide

A blue suit is a timeless piece of menswear that should be in every gentleman’s closet. Its timeless charm and neutral hue make it a versatile design that may be worn several times. It is not only appropriate for the office, but also for any occasion. A blue suit may be a smart choice for a business meeting, wedding, or cocktail party, as long as you combine it with the correct shirt. While wearing a suit means your pants and jacket are already matched, choosing the ideal shirt is up to you. That is, choose a hue that will complement rather than conflict with your desired aesthetic.

Follow These Simple Rules When Wearing A Blue Suit

Keep it simple with a pristine white shirt or a lighter pink or blue shirt. These colours contrast nicely, allowing your blue suit to stand out.

The world is your oyster when it comes to ties. The safest colours to use are black or navy, although red, burgundy, and greens can also be used if you want to add some colour.

Both black and brown shoes can be worn with blue suits, and lace-ups or loafers are acceptable shoe types.

If your suit is well-fitting and has shorter legs and bodies, feel free to pair it with a polo shirt and sneakers. It will be a refreshing change in the summer.

Different Shades Of Blue Suits

Rather than referring to a particular style of suit, the term “blue suit” encompasses a wide range of alternatives. Because blue is a family of colours rather than a single shade, it may refer to a wide range of tones. As a result, the style of blue suit you select might have an impact on how and where you wear it. When looking for a blue suit, keep an eye out for the three primary categories: light blue, mid blue, and navy. To create a well-rounded wardrobe, gentlemen should own at least one suit from each of these categories. Of course, within these three categories, there are more colours, but they’re an excellent place to start.

Light Blue Suit

Light blue suit

The light blue suit is the most relaxed of all the suits. Soft tones, on the other hand, convey a fresh, easygoing, and modern vibe, whilst navy tones look conventional and official. They’re ideal for semi-formal and cocktail events because of this vibe. Furthermore, light blue suits are an excellent alternative for the summer months when dark colours like navy seem too heavy and dreary. While this light colour is pleasing to the eye, it should also be regarded with caution. Stick to mild contrasting hues like white and soft pink to prevent clashing with your clothing.

Mid Blue Suit

Mid Blue Suit

Mid-blue suits have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more gentlemen donning them. The brighter shade is less formal than conventional navy suits and gives off a wonderful, modern vibe. The distinct tone also works nicely with light blue designs and clean white shirts. Pair a mid-blue suit with a pair of brown leather derby shoes for more formal occasions, such as weddings. Consider wearing loafers for less formal occasions.

Navy Blue Suit

Navy Blue Suit

The most traditional type of blue suit is the navy suit. As a result, they’re ideal for formal and business events such as office work and business meetings, as well as formal dinners and functions. Wearing your navy suit with a classic white shirt will give you the most refined look. The outfit can even be worn as a stylish alternative to a traditional black suit. Just make sure your accessories are appropriate for the occasion. A brown or black leather belt and Oxford shoes will do the trick. Softly coloured shirts, such as a pink pattern, are ideal for a more relaxed style.

When Should You Wear a Blue Suit?

Blue, as you may know, is a colour that comes in a variety of shades. As a result, there’s a blue for every formal event. You’ll almost certainly find a suit nearby, whether you’re at a business meeting, a wedding, or a trendy cocktail bar, assuming you’re not wearing one yourself. Even at black-tie occasions, a few navy blue suits can be found.

However, just because blue suits come in a variety of colours and designs doesn’t imply we’re dealing with a “one-size-fits-all” situation. On the contrary, certain personalities are better suited to specific environments. Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Unless you work in a highly creative industry, stick to neutral or darker colours in business settings (where pretty much anything goes).
  • If you’re going to wear a baby or electric blue suit, wait until spring or summer to do so.
  • Avoid using low-cost textiles and instead go for high-quality ones.
  • In the summer, wear cotton or linen suits, and in the winter, wool or cashmere suits. Polyester should be avoided at all costs.
  • Don’t be afraid to use pocket squares or other suit accessories into your look.

The Best Shirts to Match a Blue Suit

The beauty of this suit is that it can be worn in a variety of ways. This not only means you may wear it for a variety of situations, but it also means you can pair it with a variety of shirts. Of course, certain styles will always appear to be more attractive than others. Five essential shirts, in particular, are a cut above the rest. Keep them on hand in your closet to guarantee that your blue suit looks trendy at all times.

White Shirts

White shirt blue suit

If you’re not sure what to wear with your blue suit, a white shirt is a safe bet. Anyone can make this combo since it is so simple. When combined with cool, blue tones, the clean and pristine hue of white looks really elegant. The pairing is ideal for formal events, especially when the suit is blue and traditional accessories are worn. Also, don’t be scared to wear a bright tie. A splash of colour against a monochrome white shirt and blue suit will give you a distinct edge. For guys going to a more informal event, pair your white shirt with a lighter blue suit and wear it without a tie with shoes.

Pale Blue Shirts

Pale blue shirt and blue suit

A pale blue shirt works surprisingly well and should be added to your repertoire of go-to outfits. A light blue shirt is a wonderful alternative to a conventional white shirt since it has the same classic feel but looks softer when combined with additional blue. While the contrast between your suit and shirt isn’t as dramatic as it is with a white shirt, a few degrees of difference between the two are required to get a clean look. Because a light blue suit and a pale blue shirt might easily clash, stick to navy or mid-blue suits while wearing this shirt.

Pink Shirts

Pink shirt and blue suit

Pink shirts are becoming increasingly popular among men, and the results are smart and attractive. These Pink shirts look wonderful with grey suits, but they also look excellent with blue suits. The colour scheme, which provides a great contrast, is perfect for achieving a contemporary style. While the pairing may be worn for a variety of situations, it’s especially effective when you want to seem sophisticated and trendy without being overly formal. Stick to softer tones of pink and pastel colours if you want to pull off this style. These tones may be used with any shade of blue without causing colour clashes.

Grey Shirts

Gray shirt and blue suit

If you want to make your suit seem effortlessly professional, pair it with a grey shirt. The outfit, which is far more modern than a white shirt, deviates from convention while staying fashionable and elegant. Grey’s cold tone contrasts softly with blue hues, resulting in an attractive yet subtle look. Choose accessories in comparable tones to the subdued colours to make the most of this stylish pair. This will result in a clean and elegant look that is free of colour conflicts. If you wish to use vivid accessories, such as a vibrant tie, a simple white shirt is preferable over a grey shirt.

Printed Shirts

Blue Suit with printed shirt

Blue suits are a fantastic classic option, although their conventional tone may be a bit disappointing at times. Try combining your suit with a patterned shirt if you want to make a greater statement with it. A patterned shirt may be the finishing touch to your ensemble, adding a stylish twist. To discover the ideal print for you, choose from stripes, checks, gingham, polka dots, paisley, and more. Just keep in mind that the colours you pick may conflict with your outfit. Choosing a shirt with a white base colour and a softly toned design is an easy method to ensure your shirt will match.

Shirts Tips For A Navy Blue Suit.

Combinations of Shirt and Tie with a Blue Suit

A white shirt is usually a safe bet when it comes to pairing a blue suit with a traditional appearance.

A pale blue shirt is an unexpectedly wonderful match for a blue suit and offers a nice contrast.

Wear your suit with a pink shirt for a modern and semi-formal look.

When you pair your suit with a grey shirt, you’ll achieve a subtle contrast that exudes understated elegance.

Choose patterns like stripes or gingham to make your shirt the focal point of your ensemble.

Make sure the shirt you select complements the blue in your suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pair a blue shirt with a blue suit?

You may pair a blue shirt with a blue suit, but there should be some difference between the two colours. As a result, if you’re wearing a dark blue suit, go for a lighter blue shirt or one with a blue design. If you’re wearing a light blue suit, you should avoid wearing blue shirts and instead choose a contrasting hue like white or pale pink.

What colours of shirts should I wear with a blue suit?

Blue suits are quite flexible and work with a wide range of shirts. Classic white, pastel blue, pink, grey, and shirts with a beautiful pattern are all popular choices.

What shirt color to wear with a blue suit?

Most colours look well with blue suits, especially deeper shades. As a result, your date can dress in almost any colour. Cool hues like blues and greens go well together, or if she wants to be bold, a strong contrasting colour like red, orange, or yellow would stand out. If you’re hesitant, go with white, pale blue, soft pink, grey, or a pattern, using the same criteria as shirt pairings.

What dress colour goes well with a blue suit?

Most colours look well with blue suits, especially deeper shades. As a result, your date can dress in almost any colour. Cool hues like blues and greens go well together, or if she wants to be bold, a strong contrasting colour like red, orange, or yellow would stand out. If you’re hesitant, go with white, pale blue, soft pink, grey, or a pattern, using the same criteria as shirt pairings.

How to wear a light blue suit?

Because a light blue suit is the most informal of the blue suit family, it’s best reserved for semi-formal and cocktail events. It’s a modern and fresh style that’s perfect for summer. Choose a light-coloured blouse, like white or pastel pink, and lighter-coloured shoes, such as tan Chelsea boots or brown brogues.

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