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How to maintain your beard ?

Beard Maintenance

Men who have facial hair understand the importance of beard grooming. Fortunately, good beard care has never been so simple and easy for men. Learning how to groom your beard can help with growth, maintenance, and styling. Finally, these beard grooming tips will show you how to maintain a beautiful beard.

When Should You Begin Taking Care of Your Beard?

Take a moment to think about your bread objectives and where you are right now. If you only want a little goatee, Vandyke, or a thin beard, the growing stage is shorter and care is simpler.

When the beard grows into a common beard or a longer beard, the true maintenance begins. That is the phase during which you are solely concerned with growing your beard out. During this phase, avoid any trimming and allow your beard to grow naturally. Then, when you’re ready to trim your beard to the desired style, the stage of active maintenance begins.

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5 Tips to help you maintain your beard.

Wash your beard.

Wash your beard

Washing your beard is extremely important. Every morning and night, thoroughly wash your face with a gentle face wash and plenty of warm water.

You don’t need anything particularly powerful, just something that will cut through the oils that have accumulated.

Make certain that you also thoroughly dry your face. Make use of a clean towel to wring out as much water as possible from that mane of hair.

Use beard oil.

Use beard oil

Beard oil can add extra softness and nourishment to your beard. Applying beard oil to your beard at least once a day can help maintain it moisturised and healthy.

It will balance and preserve the oils in your beard and skin, similar to a leave-in conditioner. Plus, a well-kept, moisturized beard will keep you from feeling wiry.

Comb your beard.


Beard combs are useful for grooming and styling your beard. They’ll not only help you style your beard, but they’ll also help you get beard oil into all the proper spots.

It can be more difficult to get beard oil to the base of your beard once you’ve grown a decent beard.

The use of a comb will assist distribute the oil deeper into the skin, making it more effective. Make sure you’re not combing too much out of habit. Combing your beard too often can have negative consequences.

Train your beard.

Trained Beard

You can train your beard by brushing it every morning and after you take a shower. Your beard’s growth can be more easily controlled if you train it as it grows.

If you have curly facial hair, use a beard brush to remove tangles. You may want to use a styling balm with a light hold to keep the hairs in place throughout the entire day. As a bonus, flyaways and frizz will be reduced.

How to train your beard ?

Trim your beard.

Beard Trimming
Beard and hand with scissors. Facial hair trimming.

The final piece of beard maintenance is trimming it on a regular basis. Beard hair doesn’t always grow evenly, and as it grows out, you’ll want to shape it a little bit. This is best accomplished with a high-quality beard trimmer that comes with a variety of attachments to prevent you from accidentally carving out massive bald spots if your hand slips.


When it comes to growing and maintaining a full beard, patience and dedication is required therefore even learning just two of these tips will help you get started in the right direction.

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