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African Lean Belly : The Complete Review

African Lean Belly is a weight loss supplement that is only available online at

You may supposedly lose 1 pound of fat every 48 hours by taking two capsules of African Lean Belly every day. According to the official website, The supplement has helped over 24,000 men and women lose up to 97 pounds of fat.

Is it a diet pill rip-off? Is this the weight-loss breakthrough you’ve been looking for? In this review, you’ll learn all you need to know about this supplement and how it works today.

What is African Lean Belly?

The African lean belly is a pill that eliminates hunger cravings and helps burn up to 97 pounds of belly fat within a short period of time, with little or no workout. However, anyone reading this should be aware that for faster results, it is best to follow an adequate exercise programme and nutrient-dense whole food plan.

The weight-loss solution is based on a blend of substances prescribed by an African shaman. Sharon, who used those substances, shed 97 pounds of abdominal fat. Motivated by her achievement, she decided to share the recipe in the shape of African Lean Belly with the rest of the globe.

The supplement is now available at $69 per bottle online. A 60-day money-back guarantee applies to all purchases.

African Lean Belly’s Backstory

African lean belly has an amazing sales page online, from where we learn about the development of African Lean Belly from that video.

The narrative begins on Africa’s Zambezi River. To salvage their marriage, Sharon and her husband went river rafting. Their relationship was in trouble, and they sought to rescue it.

Sharon’s weight caused the boat to capsize during the river rafting expedition. Sharon’s husband threatened to leave her after she overturned the boat. Her husband wasn’t fond of having a chubby wife.

Further down the river, Sharon encountered a shaman. Sharon told the shaman about her weight reduction difficulties. The shaman prescribed a mix of herbs and plants. Sharon took the unusual mixture on the odd man’s suggestion and “immediately” dropped 17 pounds, reducing from 237 to 220 pounds. She dropped 97 pounds as a result of using the recipe.

Sharon claims she dropped 97 pounds “without doing any severe exercise or dieting.”

She was inspired by her weight reduction achievement to share her solution with the rest of the world. Sharon now sells African Lean Belly online to anybody who wants to lose weight in the same way she did.


How Much Weight Can It Help You Lose?

People losing substantial amounts of weight in a short period of time while using African Lean Belly – all without changing their diet or exercise habits – are featured prominently on the African Lean Belly sales website.

According to the African Lean Belly sales website, you may lose 20 to 100 pounds in a few weeks without dieting or exercising by using the supplement.

You may eat anything you want and exercise as much or as little as you want while using African Lean Belly, and you’ll lose a lot of weight.

After using the supplement, one woman claims the formula treated her sadness: she dropped so much weight that her depression was gone, she has more energy, and she has taken up new interests.

Another woman claimed to have dropped 21 pounds in only two weeks after starting African Lean Belly, despite not eating or exercising. She ate anything she wanted, didn’t exercise, and still lost weight after switching to this supplement.

Features and Benefits

African Lean Belly’s creators say that after using the supplement, you can drop a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time. The business also says that using the pill can improve your mood, increase your energy, cure depression, and provide you with other strong advantages.

On the African Lean Belly product website, some of the touted advantages include:

Without dieting or exercise, you can lose 20 to 90 pounds.

After using African Lean Belly, you will lose weight “instantly” and without any hassle.

Within 2 to 12 weeks, you can lose a considerable amount of weight.

Boost your energy and mood

Obesity-related sadness can be alleviated.

Regain your self-assurance

In other words, African Lean Belly is marketed as a supplement that can help with a variety of problems. Whether you’re struggling with weight concerns, mood and energy issues, or any other challenges, African Lean Belly can assist.

What Is African Lean Belly and How Does It Work?

Of course, when a diet pill claims to help you drop dozens of pounds in weeks with no diet or exercise, you should be cautious. Maintaining a calorie deficit for a lengthy period of time is the only method to lose weight. The greatest approach to keep a calorie deficit is to eat healthily and exercise often. You won’t lose weight no matter how many diet pills you take if you can’t sustain a calorie deficit.

How does this work? How can it help you lose over 100 pounds in 90 days with no diet or exercise, as some of the supplement’s customer testimonials in the presentation claim?

African Lean Belly’s creators claim that the mixture can help regulate hormones, increase metabolism, and remove toxins, among other things. Plant extracts, fruit extracts, and other natural components are used in the recipe.

These substances were advised by an African shaman as a quick, simple, and efficient approach to reduce weight. Some of the components are present in Africa natively, while others aren’t.

Understanding the components in the recipe will help you understand how the product works.


Ingredients Of African Lean Belly

African Lean Belly Ingredients

African Lean Belly comprises weight-loss-friendly herbal extracts, plants, fruit extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other components.

You may supposedly lose weight “instantly” by taking the components in African Lean Belly every day as part of a 10-second morning routine, shedding 97 pounds of belly fat within months of taking the diet pill for the first time — all without diet or exercise.

African Lean Belly combines the following components to produce these outstanding results:

150mg Synetrim CQ:

Each serving of African Lean Belly includes 150mg of Synetrim CQ, a natural extract from veldt grape plants. This grape comes from Africa and Asia. For generations, traditional medicine practitioners have utilised this plant extract to aid weight reduction and overall health and fitness. According to certain research, veldt grape extract can absorb dietary fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. Synetrim CQ is a veldt grape extract with a proprietary formula.

Garcinia Cambogia (1,200mg)

This extract comes from a Southeast Asian fruit which makes up the majority of African Lean Belly’s composition. It contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is an active component. Studies show that HCA reduces fat storage by preventing the body from turning carbohydrates into fats. Other researches show that Garcinia Cambogia urges you to eat less by decreasing your appetite

(200mg) Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract is high in antioxidants such as EGCG, which have been related to weight loss. Green tea can help with weight reduction, energy, digestion and cardio health, amongst other things in research. For these reasons, some people consume green tea on a regular basis. The supplement includes 200mg of green tea extract per serving.

Turmeric (100 milligrammes):

The African lean belly consists of turmeric, which is one of the most popular and well-known spices for inflammation. For ages, turmeric is used to heal sickness and illness in Ayurvedic medicine. Because turmeric is high in anti-inflammatory compounds like curcumin, we now know it works.

50mg ginger:

A tiny amount of ginger is used in African Lean Belly. For ages, ginger has been utilised in traditional medicine, and it is especially popular in Asia. Today, we know ginger helps because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may help the body’s natural inflammation process.

The majority of these substances are Asian in origin and have been utilised in traditional Asian medicine for millennia. Nonetheless, the creator of the supplement says that she learned these nutrients from an African shaman while deep in the African bush. Sharon dropped 97 pounds in only a few months after taking the components above – and she believes that others may have similar results by using her supplement now.

African Lean Belly Scientific Evidence

The producers of African Lean Belly, like other natural health supplements and nutritional wellness formulations, have not performed any clinical research on their recipe to thoroughly verify it works as promised to help you lose weight rapidly without diet or exercise. The firm does, however, illustrate how the formula has helped over 20,000 people shed substantial amounts of weight. The firm also offers a references page with hundreds of research to back up the usage of various components in the supplement, which are worth delving into further to fully comprehend the fat flushing supplement’s inner workings.

Garcinia cambogia, a well-known natural fruit extract associated to weight loss, appears to make up the majority of the supplement. Throughout the decade of the 2010s, the substance became popular in diet pills. Researchers discovered that the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in Garcinia cambogia can promote short-term weight reduction in this 2011 study. Researchers looked at 23 studies on Garcinia cambogia and weight reduction and discovered that when taken on a regular basis, it can result in minor but substantial weight loss. According to several research, HCA affects serotonin levels in the brain, which helps you eat less naturally. HCA was discovered to interact with enzymes involved in fat and glucose metabolism, among other things, in previous investigations.

For inflammation, some people take ginger and turmeric on a regular basis. Others, on the other hand, use ginger and turmeric to lose weight.

Research On African Lean Belly

Tiny research on overweight men showed that ginger made them feel satisfied for longer, allowing them to eat less naturally. Other studies have found that the gingerols in ginger have an anti-obesity impact on the body, aiding digestion and speeding up the pace at which food passes through the colon.

Turmeric, on the other hand, is high in curcuminoids such as curcumin. Curcumin has been found in certain trials to cause moderate weight reduction when taken on a regular basis, however, it’s more commonly used for inflammation than weight loss.

Synetrim CQ is one of the unique components in the supplement. Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), a plant native to West Africa, Southeast Asia, and India, is the source of the formula. Synetrim CQ’s creators claim that their compound can help prevent fat and starch. In one study, those who took 150mg of Synetrim CQ for 6 weeks lost a little amount of weight as compared to people who received a placebo. Synetrim CQ supplements may be purchased separately for approximately $30 on the internet. Others combine Synetrim CQ with additional substances to boost its effectiveness.

Overall, African Lean Belly has components that, when combined with diet and exercise, may help you shed a little amount of weight. It’s worth mentioning, though, that there’s no clear evidence that the product will help you lose 90 pounds in three months with no diet or exercise. Allow supplements to operate as an enhancement catalyst, but remember that enough quantities of productive motions and nutritious entire meals will always function and accelerate.



The price of African Lean Belly is $69 per bottle, however when purchasing numerous bottles, the price decreases to $47 each bottle.

Here’s how the price works:

$69 + $9.99 for 1 bottle Shipping

$159 Plus $9.99 for 3 bottles $282 Plus $9.99 for 6 bottles of shipping Shipping

There are 60 capsules in each container (30 servings). To reduce weight quickly, use two capsules before breakfast each day.

Refund Policy for African Lean Belly

The supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can claim back the money if you don’t lose a substantial amount of weight with 60 days.

Also, a full refund is provided for any dissatisfaction with the supplement.

To complete the refund procedure, you must return the bottle to the manufacturer (even if the bottle is empty). The firm will not reimburse either the original or return shipping expenses.

Who Invented The Supplement?

Sharon while invented the African lean belly while rafting down the Zambezi River in Africa. Sharon decided to sell her diet medication online using DigiStore24, an online merchant platform.


You can reach digistore24 at [email protected] and given below is their address

Telephone: (800) 745-7496

360 Central Avenue, Suite 800, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States of America

Final Thoughts sells the weight loss product that is only available online. The pills helps with weight loss quickly and easily. Simply take 10 seconds before breakfast every morning to take African Lean Belly, and you’ll lose a considerable amount of weight within days as the ingredients begin to function on a regular basis.

According to the official website, you can lose anywhere from 20 to 90 pounds in the first few weeks or months after starting African Lean Belly – all without making any drastic dietary or activity modifications, provided you are already physically active.



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