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21 Rocking Temporary Tattoos to Rock in 2021

Some people get tattoos as part of a drunken night out, while others use tattoos as a way to express themselves. Regardless of the circumstances, temporary tattoos allow you to explore the creative potential of the area without committing to anything permanent. There are a number of semi-permanent temporary tattoos available nowadays that will make your pals look twice the next time you hang out. Try these on if you haven’t seen them at a festival or pool party.

In no particular order.


Imaginings can’t be stopped when met with little resistance. Check it out here!

Bad Karma

Snakes represent power, secrecy, and agility. But this snake also denotes bravery, because slithering down the blade of an unsheathed sword takes guts. So, while wearing this design, channel part of the serpent’s powerful and ferocious energy.

Check this unsheathed sword here if you have guts.

The Eye’s Dreamer

Check her here! Can you see through the haze of smoke? Her eyes glimmer with a promise of more.


Check it out here!

Precise Timing

Precise Timing
Precise Timing

Check it out here!



Check DARING out here!



Check it out here!



Check it out here!

Split Party

Check Split Party out here!


Do you believe in assets vs liabilities? Check asset tattoo out here.

Life is Waiting

Do you want to live your life instead of waiting for it happen? Check the tattoo out here.

Inhale Exhale

Check this calming temporary tattoo out here!

freedom over fear tattoo

Check out freedom over fear here.

make love not war tattoo

Check this out here love.

AK-47 Tattoo

Tattoo uploaded by JaaaY • Ak 47 Neck tattoo • 1323827 • Tattoodo

Check this Kalashnikov tattoo here!

Yin Yang Skull

Check it out here.

Rose and Dagger

Check it out here!

flower of eden

Check eden out here!

faith > fear

Have faith in this tattoo here.

Do you feel that you have ever risen from the ashes in your life? Relate with our list of phoenix tattoos here.

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