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15 Stunning Viking Hairstyles For Men

Vikings may have lived a thousand years ago, but when it came to hair, they were well ahead of their time, at least according to the History Channel’s blockbuster show. When we think of one of these ancient warriors, we think of epic braids, deadly detached undercuts, and manly ponytails, and we adore it. After all, what man wouldn’t desire a haircut that is simultaneously fierce and stylish? These bold and daring looks aren’t for the faint of heart, to be sure. You’ve come to the correct spot if you can handle the massive amount of attitude that comes with sporting a battle-ready cut. We’ve rounded up the best Viking hairstyles for guys to help you create your next look.

1. Beard with Shaved Head


All Viking hairstyles don’t require a long mane that may be combed, braided, or coiled into a bun. Consider shaving your head for a style that conveys personality without the need for follicles. Not only disconnected undercuts seem fashionable and edgy with a flash of the scalp. Don’t forget to grow a beard and don’t be afraid to let it grow long to complete the look. While many modern males prefer short stubble, a real Viking look demands bigger, bushier facial hair.

2. Undercut with Half-Bun


The half-bun and undercut, like the half-pony and undercut, may be a fantastic Viking hairstyle. While the style is edgy and masculine, it still has a modern and refined feel to it. Consider how high or low you want the undercut to begin before approaching the barber. Because a small change in height may dramatically change the look of this haircut, it’s essential to think about your alternatives beforehand.

3. Braided Part


This year, try a braided section to fully bring the Viking look into the future. The haircut is ideal for modern gentlemen who desire an edgy warrior look without the rough-around-the-edges appearance. The look also looks great with an undercut and can be done in a variety of ways on top, including in an on-trend pompadour. The braid, of course, will always grab attention and maintain the style grounded in Viking heritage.

4. Temple Shave


Long, thick hair on the top and back of the head, as well as shaved sides, are common Viking hairstyles. As a consequence, you’ll have an eye-catching, attitude-filled appearance that’s ideal for rugged guys. All you have to do to rock the look is include some current tweaks. A temple shave may be a great method to obtain the same edgy look of authentic Viking hairstyles while yet looking contemporary.

5. Beard With long hair


While long, flowing hair may give you a very beautiful appearance, it doesn’t automatically scream Viking. Try pairing the long cut with a beard to make it seem a little rougher and more rustic. Also, either naturally or with a sea salt spray, keep your hair a little dishevelled and full of texture. The 12 Best Sea-Salt Sprays to Get That Beachy Hair Look With simplicity, the beard and unkempt mane can transport you back to the days of the Vikings.

6. Loose Braid


Long hair may be used to produce some very amazing Viking appearances. So, if you’ve already taken in the effort to grow your hair out to a decent length, you should treat yourself to a fantastic warrior style. The loose braid is one of these styles, and it’s one you should attempt. If you’ve never braided hair before, don’t be put off. It doesn’t matter if it’s not flawless because the procedure is shockingly easy.

7. Mohawk


You might be surprised to learn that Vikings and punks have more in common than you believe. The two groups appeared to share a respect for the Mohawk, as well as a good dose of attitude. The cut was essentially the same, even if they wore it in various ways. Sides shaved, with a noticeable lengthier strip of hair extending from the hairline to the rear of the head. The haircut is still popular among gentlemen today, and it’s a great look to try if you can manage its severity.

8. Undercut with Top Knot

Undercut-with-top-knot.-Viking hairtyles

Do you want your hair to be equal parts Viking and hipster? A top knot and undercut combo is a great option. The one-of-a-kind style may easily fit into any category and be tailored to your liking. Maintain lots of texture on top and keep the bun dishevelled for a very Viking appearance. For a more hipster aesthetic, comb and straighten your hair precisely for a sleek appearance. Best of all, they both look great with a beard.

9. Undercut with a Slick Back


Finding the perfect cut with exactly the right amount of intensity to suit you is key to rocking a Viking haircut. Consider a slick back with an undercut if you want a haircut that’s cool and edgy but yet simple to wear every day. The appearance is both robust and stylish, and it can be tailored to your specific requirements. Simply make the sides a little longer and the top a little shorter for a more conservative look.

10. Low Fade


A low fade haircut is a great way to add a Viking touch to your hair in a subtle way. The hairstyle, which goes from a longer length on top of the head to a short, shaved length around the ears, is ideal for trying various Viking hairstyles without committing. Just make sure to keep your hair long and thick on top and flip it to one side to complete the appearance.

11. Half-bun


Don’t worry if you don’t want to shave your hair or if you haven’t yet grown your hair to an epic length. With what you have, you may still accomplish a fantastic Viking hairstyles. To transform your ordinary, medium-length hair into warrior territory, all you need is a simple half-bun. Remember to finish the appearance with a beard or, at the very least, a lot of attitudes.

12. Half-Pony with Undercut


If you’re going for a Viking appearance, don’t be hesitant to mix and match a few different trademark styles. Combining a half-pony with an undercut is one method to achieve this. The formidable alliance will exude serious warrior feelings and ensure that you are recognised. You may also add a man braid to the top of your head before ending with the ponytail to make yourself a triple threat.

13. Man Bun


The man bun is a fantastic style that looks contemporary yet has a killer Viking vibe about it. It’s very simple to put together and can be worn with curly, wavy, or straight hair. You only need medium or long hair and a hairband to pull off the look. All you have to do now is draw all of your hair back and tie it in a tiny bun with your hands. You can use a comb or brush, but your hands will give you a more natural, somewhat tousled look.

14. Man Braid


Braids are also associated with Vikings, and they may give a unique and stylish look. Best of all, the man braid is a popular and fashionable hairstyle right now. For a traditional appearance, make a single braid down the centre of your head. While long hair is ideal for this style, it can also be done with shorter cuts with the help of the right styling tools.

15. Half-Pony with a Mess


Long, lustrous locks are also a hallmark of the Viking appearance, and may be a great method to get the look. Keep your hair unkempt and textured if you want to look like a Viking with long hair. You don’t want your mane to get too unruly. As a result, a sloppy half-pony is the perfect answer. Not only does it give you the rough and rugged image of a Viking, but it’s also functional and keeps strands off your face in a fashionable manner.

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