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12 Best Widows Peak Hairstyles For Men

You’re more or less stuck with your widows peak, whether you like it or wish it would go away. So, why not make the most of your hairline and pick an excellent hairdo to match? There are lots of fashionable alternatives to convert your widow’s peak into a winning style, from short and basic cuts to rugged long hair and even on-trend pompadours, and choosing the ideal one couldn’t be easier. Simply pick your favourite from this collection of the greatest widow’s peak hairstyles. Trust us when we say that once you do, you’ll be looking like Chris Hemsworth in no time, or at least your hair will.

Side Part

side part widows peak hairystyle

Adding a side part to your hairdo can help you achieve a sophisticated and fashionable look with your widows peak. Simply align your part with the highest point along your hairline to complete the appearance. The style will not hide your natural hairline, but it will assist to balance and compliment it for a stylish look.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut Widows peak hairstyle

Short hairstyles can assist to disguise a widows peak, which is typically accentuated by longer hair lengths. A crew cut is an especially excellent haircut for this purpose. The style, which has strands that lay upwardly along the hairline, might give more coverage than a styled back hairstyle.

Buzz Cut

The focus will be drawn away from your hairline and back to your face with a short and sharp buzz cut. As a result, the style is ideal for traditional gentlemen who wish to emphasise their facial characteristics. Alternatively, for guys who want to dress with flair and draw attention to their fashion choices, the understated approach works nicely.

Slick Back

Slick Back Widows Peak Hairstyle

A widow’s peak may have a surprising amount of style. As a result, rather of hiding it, embrace your natural hairline for a beautiful appearance. If you want to flaunt your best features, go for a sleek back haircut and a confident demeanour.

Short Spikes

Short Spikes

Texture attracts attention, and spikes, no matter how brief, provide plenty of it. As a result, when you wear spikes, all attention will be drawn to your strands rather than your hairline. Furthermore, the style is a fantastic option to wear a shorter length with an edgy attitude.



An undercut, like a taper cut, may make the hair on top of your head look thicker by comparison. As a result, it helps to balance a widow’s peak while also giving the user a very fashionable image. Best of all, this cut allows you to wear your hair in a variety of styles, including waves, slicked back, a pompadour, or a quiff.

Taper Fade

Taper Fade Widows Peak Hairstyle

Tapered sides are beneficial for making the hair on top of your head look longer and thicker by comparison, as well as for producing a current and trendy appearance. As a result, when coupled with a widow’s peak, the taper fade, which transitions from a longer length to a short crop, looks fantastic.

Medium Length Curls

Medium Length Curls

Curls are great for balancing off a pronounced widow’s peak. All you have to do is let your hair grow out to a medium length and leave it alone, without brushing or combing it. The curls’ texture and coverage will help to hide your peak while also giving you a fashionable look.


Pompadour Widows Peak Hairstyle

For any gentleman with a widow’s peak, a pompadour is a wonderful on-trend haircut. The ‘V’-shaped hairline enhances the pompadour’s look by moving it forward to the forehead. A side part can also assist to define the appearance and add additional flair to it.

Styled Forward Short Hair

A foolproof technique to hide a widow’s peak is to cut your hair short and style it forward. The cut is sleek, crisp, and sophisticated, even if it isn’t the most thrilling of haircuts. If you work in a conservative workplace or want a simple design, this is a good option.

Long Hair

Long tresses and a widow’s peak may be extremely stylish. Just remember to wear your hair to one side to complete the look. Half of your widow’s peak will be hidden, while the other half will open up your face and expose your features.

Beard + Slick Back Hair

While there’s no need to be self-conscious about a widow’s peak, many gentlemen would prefer to have theirs removed. If you’re one of these gentlemen, don’t try to shave your brow. Draw attention away from your hairline instead. A smooth back and a nice beard are an easy and attractive way to do so.

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